Buying shoes for your child that fit properly is extremely important! Shoes that are too small put a child at risk of developing serious foot deformities, such a bunions.

Remember the following when shopping for your child’s shoes;

1. Shop at the end of the day - shop when your child’s feet are at their largest
2. Measure both feet standing up - measure both feet in case they vary in size and choose the shoes that fit the larger foot.
3. Measure and fit with specific socks - your child should be wearing the specific sock that he will ultimately wear with the shoe.
4. Allow for wiggle room - There should be a half-inch from the end of the longest toe to the end of the shoe so that the child is able to wiggle all toes. The length of the shoe should exceed the actual length of the foot by at least 1cm.
5. Lace up properly - For maximum support, us the top eyelet on the shoe. Do not tie the laces too tightly, as they can cause injury to nerves and tendons on the top of the foot.
6. Check for snug heels - If the heels do not fit snuggly. the will pull up out of the shoe (pistoning) and your child will get blisters.
7. Have your child walk in the shoes - ask them how the shoe feels and when they take them off, check the feet for any red spots or areas of irritation.
8. Right away - the shoe must be comfortable right away. Shoes do not need to be “broken in” to feel right.

Remember, the correct pair of shoes will protect a child’s feet from injury, not stunt growth, promote safety while walking or running, and be comfortable!

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