Andrea Montelpare moved the first steps of his professional journey during his adolescence within the workshop of his father Giovanni. In there he could breathe the passion, he could experience the craft and learnt as an autodidact all the secrets to realize the most beautiful and precious kids shoes.

And that’s not all.

He’s got a positive attitude, he’s gifted with intuition and he feels irremediably and absolutely attracted by what is new, aimed at the world. He has been conceiving and travelling since he was very young.

In 1993 he establishes the company which is named after his own name. He immediately places his energy and the wish to know at the others’ disposal. He achieves success and he is entrusted important associative tasks and prestigious recognitions for several years (first he is named President of Giovani Imprenditori (Young Entrepreneurs Association) and then President of the Sezione Calzaturieri di Confindustria Fermo (Fermo Italian Industries Association - Shoe Manufacturers division); he is twice named Vice-president of the National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers (ANCI) and President of the Commission for Russia and Eastern Countries for the same association; Honorary President of Footwear and Health International Association).

The institutional appointments together with the prizes awarded to his brands (17/10/2004: he wins the first European Kids Fashion Award (EKFA) for the shoes section with “Andrea Montelpare” brand; 15/10/2007: he wins the prize Label of the year 2007 for the EKFA shoes section with the brand “BUMPER”) produce licences: acquired, handed with pride and kept with obstinacy over time.

Among the brands in his portfolio, Miss Blumarine, Young Versace, 1950 I Pinco Pallino, I Pinco Pallino Stefano e Imelde Cavalleri, Chupa Chups have been present for a long time.

Without doubt Andrea Montelpare’s vision, taste and managerial skills are supported by a natural vocation to sociality, or better still by a deeply felt respect for humanity.

His heritage is made of wisdom and perseverance, sacrifice and creativity that have been handed on for a long time within a territory with a good head for shoe manufacturing. A sensitive entrepreneur – so convinced as to always insist on his own identity – will never leave such a place.

100% Leather sneaker with stud details from DsquaredAndrea Montelpare