Marcelo Burlon is a man of many talents. He takes culture and distinctive elements of what makes style unique to design and craft creative and imaginative collections that are made as a representation of himself and his beliefs. Founder of a brand that is now a worldwide phenomenon, Marcelo Burlon first conquered Italy after relocating from Patagonia and is now a renowned designer respected by revered fashion houses. Starting out with a small selection of t-shirts in 2012, the Marcelo Burlon designer has progressed and developed so quickly to become a fashion force.The new Marcelo Burlon collection for children is infused with edgy styles for both boys and girls with designs ranging from 4-12 years old. In signature Marcelo Burlon County of Milan flair, this selection offers a variety of styles and cuts, with hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts. To ensure the designs align ultimately with the brand’s cool take on fashion, the iconic prints that feature in the mainline collection appear in the childrens wear line for the ultimate finish.

Marcelo Burlon